Does Permanent Makeup Hurt?

Permanent makeup is not completely pain free, but I do use a topical Lidocaine prior to each procedure, and continue to apply it throughout. Allowing the client to sit for 15-30 minutes prior to beginning is enough time to make the experience quite comfortable. Once I start, within 5 minutes most clients say they don’t feel anything. There are two methods of applying permanent makeup, the machine and the hand tool. The difference is that the machine is plugged into the wall, and the hand tool is simply a tool that I hold in my hand, dip into the pigment, and then place it. I use the hand tool instead of a machine for everything but lips. Clients specifically come to me because I use the hand method. They say the experience is much better than having a machine buzzing in their ear. They also say it is a much “softer” feel than the machine. By using the hand method, there is the ultimate level of control with pigment placement. I find this very important around the eyes especially. I move at a pace that is comfortable for the client, and with that my clients are very relaxed…..some even fall asleep!! So why don’t I use the hand method on lips? There is less trauma to the skin on the lips with the machine. I am able to saturate the lips much faster with the machine, therefore creating less swelling with optimal results.

Is Permanent Makeup for You?

Permanent Makeup is for anyone who wants to save time or money…or both!  Imagine waking up every day with your most important makeup already done!  That is what Permanent Makeup can do for you!

Allow yourself to become part of the Hollywood craze!  At BELLE PERMANENT MAKEUP I specialize in Microblading, eyeliner, eyebrows, and lips.  Permanent makeup is ideal for the coastal lifestyle of living where water, weather and waves can cause a makeup wipe out faster than you can fall off a paddleboard!  It’s waterproof, sweat proof, and pillow proof. No longer do you need to spend time scrubbing off your makeup before bed, only to have to put it on again in the morning!   Sounds more like heaven than Hollywood!

There is also a more serious side to the benefits of permanent makeup.  I remember talking to my 84 year old grandma who still wanted to look beautiful. She told me “my hands aren’t as steady as they used to be, and I need glasses to see to put my face on. My eyeliner is never straight because I have to work around my glasses”. So I did her eyeliner and her eyebrows and she felt young and beautiful again. My oldest client to date is 91 !  When we were done with her eyeliner and her eyebrows, she told me that “now all the men at the home will be chasing me!”  She looked 15 years younger!

Another wonderful benefit of permanent makeup is changing the lives of people who have suffered skin conditions, allergies to traditional makeup, or cancer survivors.  Permanent eyeliner and eyebrows brings back their natural beauty that they so long desire. Permanent lips bring color back to anyone’s face and brightens everything up!

So in a nutshell…Permanent Makeup is for EVERYBODY!  I’ve been making people naturally beautiful for 16 years. Call or book a FREE consultation to see what you might enjoy!