Finding the Right Technician


Research the procedure you want done.

Check out the technician. Make sure the office is clean and sterile.

Call the office and speak with the person who will be doing the actual procedure. Ask any and all questions prior to the procedure. There is never a stupid question! The technician should be able to answer anything you ask.

Prepare for your procedure.

Such as:

  • Stopping certain vitamins prior to your procedure.
  • Purchase new mascara if you are planning on doing your eyeliner. And also know that if you wear contacts they need to be out for the procedure and cannot go back in for 24 hours.
  • Consider whether you are taking a vacation
  • Is it around a holiday?
  • Do you need written permission from your doctor prior to procedures?
  • Do you need a prescription prior to procedures?
  • Do you have allergies to conventional makeup or hair color?
  • Do you have allergies to red or yellow dyes?
  • Are you pregnant or nursing?
  • Have you had lasik eye surgury in the last 9 months?
  • Have you had Botox in the last 4 weeks? There is a minimum wait period of 2 weeks after Botox. You want your brows to be settled before doing permanent ones!


DO NOT go to a technician that does not include a touch up with the original procedure (unless you are doing a one-time procedure). Doing your touch-up ensures good color retention for longer periods of time. You should not have to pay for any touch ups until you are seeing your technician for the 3rd time.

DO NOT drink alcohol prior to your procedure! This brings blood to the surface, opens your vessels, and causes excessive bleeding. This does not allow for your procedures(s) to heal properly and retain good color.

DO NOT go to a technician that does not let you see exactly what is going to be done and allow you to look during the procedure. You should also have input on the color you want and be able to see the actual color!

DO NOT go to a technician that doesn’t show you the tools being used on you prior to the procedure!

DO NOT go to a technician who does not provide you with proper sterile products for the aftercare of your procedure(s), and completely explains the process to you.

DO NOT go to a technician who convinces you to do more than what you came for originally. Permanent makeup is just that, permanent! And it’s on your face! Only do what you feel comfortable doing, there is plenty of time to add any additional procedures down the road if you choose.