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  • Microblade Eyebrows            $550.00
  • Powder Eyebrow                     $450.00
  • Eyeliner: Top & Bottom          $550.00
  • Eyeliner: Top or Bottom         $300.00
  • Lip Liner                                      $400.00
  • Full Lip                                         $600.00
  • Freckles                                        $450.00
  • Makeup Correction   starting   $450.00
  • Scar Camouflage       starting   $450.00
  • One-time appts.                           Varies accordingly

As in any business, you get what you pay for. You will see pricing different from mine, and if you don’t think you’re worth the money, then I’m not the technician for you.  In this business you can’t afford to make mistakes, and trust me, I fix A LOT of them!  Getting a tattoo someplace that can be covered up with clothes is one thing, this is your FACE!  My track record proves itself, I’ve seen a lot in 17 years and I would never go to someone who learned how to do procedures in two days, or charges bargain basement prices.  This is an investment in your beauty and your makeup should reflect that.