“Liz is both amazing at her craft as well as delightful to hang out with during the process.  I got my brows Microbladed and they look absolutely fantastic. Her office is impeccably clean and she follows all proper safety procedures.  The vibe was so relaxing with candles burning and soft music playing!  I really enjoyed the whole experience and cannot say enough good things about Liz!  If you’re considering Belle Permanent Makeup, I absolutely recommend!” – Lauren A.
“Liz was nothing short of amazing! My eyebrows had been tattooed previously by another artist years ago and had since faded to a blue shade and the shape was off.  Liz not only freshened up my existing ugly brows, but she fixed the shape and color and they look better than they ever have! The method she uses has zero pain involved, I could have fallen asleep!  If you’re hesitant about cosmetic makeup, Liz will put you at ease and you won’t feel a thing! This is my third time having my brows done (only first visit with Liz) and I will never go anywhere else again!  Thank you Liz!” – April L.
“I am a redhead with light eyebrows and recently had Microblading done by Liz at Belle Permanent Makeup.  The experience was so very easy, quick, and has been a blessing to me.  I highly recommend this service to anyone who is considering it.  The look is so natural and working with Liz was a treat.  I am excited to have found someone in the Destin area to do this type of service!!
“Liz is absolutely amazing! I had my eyebrows microbladed for the first time and she was very comforting about the whole thing.  She explained everything that was going to happen and made sure I was comfortable.  She is very sweet.  Going to her appointment makes you feel like you are visiting with an old friend.”
“Just finished my follow up Microblade appointment.  My eyebrows are the best they have been in 50 years since a car accident scarred one of them. Liz is a warm wonderful personable professional that I recommend to anyone looking for a permanent solution!  Liz gets a 5 gold stars and many blessings from this satisfied lady!”